RETRO CYCLING SHIRTS REPLICAS - directly from the originals

A collection of some 2,500 original cycling jerseys should not remain in the attic, our rich cycling history must remain visible and be kept alive. That's why my entire collection is on this website. Many cycling enthusiasts would like to have such a cycling shirt themselves, but these original cycling shirts are of course not sold. But we have found a great solution for all cycling enthusiasts: cycling jerseys from before the year 2000 can now be ordered as replicas. We do this together with – also a company of Connecting Minds BV from Eindhoven – the Netherlands. 

Below all information about these replica cycling jerseys. The production process, the delivery time and the conditions. Read this so that you know what you are ordering and under what conditions. 

Order process

The design of the past on a cycling shirt of today. How does this work? Here the steps:

  • choose the sweater of which you want to have a replica made
  • I make high resolution images of the desired cycling jersey
  • this is through Retro Cycling converted to 
  • Retro Cycling commissions their manufacturer to make a replica for you
  • The ordered cycling shirt will be sent to the address you specified
  • You will receive your replica at home within 2-4 weeks

The model and the quality


As the basis for every replica cycling shirt, we have opted for a modern, high-quality cycling shirt. A cycling jersey that can also be used for longer bike rides. A product that lasts longer and on which the colors come out better. myp


Molteni original cycling jersey
basic cycling jersey - men

Ordering process of a replica cycling jersey

The order of a replica of cycling clothing means that you give an order to have high-resolution photos of the cycling clothing made, with which a manufacturer can manufacture a replica of the clothing. These high resolution photos are converted to a print template for production. Based on the specification (model/size) provided by you, we will pass your order on to the manufacturer who will make the best possible reproduction of the cycling clothing you have chosen. The manufacturer sends it directly to the address you provided.

Process reproduction cycling jersey

Following your order after your order:

1. Photography
Photography of the front, back and details of the original cycling jersey.ᅠ

2. Print template
Photography of the front, back and details of the original cycling jersey. 

3. Print the shirt
Photography of the front, back and details of the original cycling jersey. 

4. Cut and stitch
Photography of the front, back and details of the original cycling jersey. 

5. Packing and shipping
Photography of the front, back and details of the original cycling jersey.

Customization and returns

Making a replica of the original cycling clothing falls under commissioned custom products. Custom products cannot be returned, exchanged or canceled after ordering. Changes or cancellations of your order can only be accepted before the replica process has started. If there are insurmountable problems with the delivered cycling shirt after receipt, we request that you contact us - we will see if a solution is possible:

Deviations in design or color
In case of large deviations in design or color, you can go through this form submit a request for a remake. We will process the request and let you know within one week whether you are eligible for a remake. Depending on the deviations, this can be done at a discount or completely free of charge. 

Wrong size ordered
We recommend that you carefully check the [size chart] before placing an order. If you have not ordered the right size, you can do so here form submit a request for the same item in a different size. We will process the request and let you know within one week whether you are eligible for a 50% discount when placing the same product in a different size. You will then receive a discount code of 50% with which you can order the same order in a different size.

Complexity manufacturing replica

We try to have the replica reproduced for you as accurately as possible, based on the example of the original cycling jersey. There are a number of factors that make this process complex, which can cause small variations in color, design and model. We are not liable for minor deviations or inaccuracies. 

In connection with trademark rights, we are entitled to remove sportswear brands without prior notice. We manufacture all models of the original cycling jerseys on one and the same model modern cycling jersey fashion (see ). Discolorations, imperfections on the original cycling jersey can be partly taken over. Cycling jersey brands will be removed. 

Choose the right size

Please take a good look at the before ordering – this prevents you from receiving the wrong size. Although we deliver custom work and are not obliged to exchange for a different size, we can order a new replica in a different size once at the same address at 50% of the normal costs. To do this, please contact us at this form. We reserve the right to refuse any requests for replicas, especially cycling clothing made after the year 2000. 

Delivery times

The process (photography/optimization for production/shipment) takes approximately 3-4 weeks. We will do our best to have your replica cycling clothing produced and delivered within this delivery time, but we are not responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond our control, such as delays in production, shipping or customs procedures. 

The warranty on the cycling clothing is limited to demonstrable defects in the material or manufacture. We are not responsible for damage or wear and tear resulting from normal or excessive wear and tear, abuse, misuse or improper storage. If you have any complaints, you can contact us via this form.

About copyright

Only on commission do we help to make replicas of original cycling clothing from before the year 2000. We do not accept orders for making more recent cycling team clothing. Through a number of conversations with (still existing) team sponsors and thanks to our practical experience, we know that there is no objection to 'promoting' the brand name. Wearing the replica cycling clothing with the mention of the original brand name does not damage the brand, but even strengthens the historical value of the brand in question. It is therefore more likely that the brand value will be strengthened. Nevertheless, if there are brands that object to the reproduction of the original cycling jerseys with their brand name on it, we will take this very seriously. We request these brands to submit their request through this application form – we request that you fill in the trademark registration correctly, otherwise we cannot process it. We also make every effort to remove sportswear brands from the replicas.