HAGENS BERMAN-NEON – 2020 – Cycling shirt


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Product Description

HAGENS BERMAN-NEON was an American cycling team that was active in 2020 as one of the prominent development teams. The team focused on training and developing young, promising riders with the aim of preparing them for the professional cycling world. The team was known for its strong emphasis on teamwork and ethics in sports. In 2020, the team took part in several national and international competitions, where they often stood out for their aggressive and attacking driving style.

One of the highlights for HAGENS BERMAN-NEON in 2020 was the strong performance of several riders in the Tour of Utah and the Colorado Classic. The team was supported by Hagens Berman, a law firm that specializes in class action lawsuits, and Neon Adventures, an adventure travel company. The combination of these sponsors gave the team a solid financial basis and the resources to support young talents. The team was led by experienced coaches who themselves had a background in cycling, which contributed to the professional development of the riders. HAGENS BERMAN-NEON was a breeding ground for future cycling stars and played a crucial role in the cycling community.

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